Cutting Edge System Solves Guest Parking Abuse

Living in an apartment or condo definitely has its advantages, including lower costs, shared amenities and a sense of community. However, residing in close quarters is not all sunshine and roses. 

When people live in a shared environment, there are plenty of ways they can irritate their fellow tenants. But not all are guilty of just committing minor annoyances; some are breaking facility rules originally established to create a safe and pleasant living experience for all.

Of the violations that aggravate fellow occupants most – including noise and loitering – parking seems to be a consistent thorn in the side. While high costs of renting a space or limited spots are both exasperating, the abuse of guest parking ranks near the top. 

But why would guest parking be such a hot issue for residents, many who already have their own designated parking spot or others who don’t even need one?

With just a small ratio of overall parking allotted to guests, it’s the lack of accountability and abuse of the parking that’s most problematic. Even the savviest of building managers can be outsmarted by residents who figure out ways to circumvent the guest parking policies. 

Some residents don’t register their cars and then park in guest parking. If the car isn’t registered, then even the most elite enforcement company has no way of knowing they aren’t guests. 
However, we offer an efficient process that empowers residents to register themselves, creating a fair guest parking environment for all. 

Our Reliant Instant Guest Permit makes managing guest parking easier and more effective. Its state-of-the-art technology gives residents the ability to order their Reliant Instant Guest Permits 24/7, instantly making the data available to the enforcement team. The number of guest passes that can be ordered in a month is limited based on the needs of the property, as well.     

Our cutting edge system also gives property managers and owners a new way to hold their residents accountable for following the rules. At the same time, the workload is shifted from the property staff to the residents themselves.   

In 5 easy steps, here’s how our Reliant Instant Guest Permit works:

  1. We’ll import a clean copy of your resident and vehicle information, along with parking rules, into a new online database. 
  2. We give designated managers secure online access to the data.
  3. Residents use our online system to securely register their vehicles and order parking permits.  
  4. Reliant will process and send the parking permit directly to the resident
  5. Property managers and owners have 24/7 access to view vehicle and permit records online. 

For more details of how our system works, call 1-888-977-6880.

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  • Residents register
    and order parking
    permits online
  • Vehicle and permit
    data update
  • Managers view accurate
    vehicle and permit reports
    online 24/7

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