It's Time for a Parking Permit Change—Who Has Time for That?

HOA and apartment community property managers are well aware of the annoyances associated with parking administration.

So time consuming. So frustrating.

Even more tedious than registering the constant influx of new residents is dealing with unauthorized parking on the property. Especially when former residents return to the property, using their old permits to park.

Security and Management Don’t Know Who Legally Can Park

To exacerbate the situation, most properties experience steady resident turnover. Even at a conservative annual 35% rate, within 3 years, that means twice the number of permits are in circulation. That’s too many people with permission to park—legally or not.

The only way to ensure those parking on the property are authorized, permits should be replaced on a regular basis. Such an obvious solution, but then why don’t more property managers do it?

The reason: it’s time consuming to switch out an entire property’s permits. It’s only when the situation becomes too painful to deal with that property managers finally update them. However, within a year or so, the same situation starts to creep back in of too many unauthorized vehicles are parking on the property again.

An Easy, Painless Solution with No Work for the Property Manager

By utilizing software recently developed by Kevin Wexler, Reliant Parking CEO, residents take control of their parking—registration, administration and annual renewal. The entire process is user-friendly, managed with an iOS or Android smartphone, or other digital device.

Parking renewal can be set for any day of the year, depending on management’s preference. It could be the anniversary month of when residents moved in or a fixed date for all, such as New Year’s Eve. No matter when, the software automatically sends out a reminder 30 days in advance to all residents. Four more reminders are sent throughout  the month to ensure residents have been sufficiently informed about renewal. Everything is automatic.

Each message states that upon expiration, non-compliance results in strict enforcement based on management policy. The more clearly defined the renewal policy—abide by the parking policy or pay the consequences—the more alignment there will be with following the rules.

Different Looking Permits Every Year Helps Everyone
Once renewed, a new permit with a different look will be sent out to replace the old.  This can be seen immediately with Reliant’s software. They would also know who hasn’t renewed on time and could reach out to remind them before enforcement happens.

Guest Parking Is a Breeze

“The software brings value to property managers, security and the residents, as well, taking a cumbersome process and simplifying it for everyone involved,” says Wexler. “Besides renewals, the software also helps keep residents out of guest parking and sets monthly limits of how many times a resident can have guests park on the property.”

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Parking is only for authorized vehicles and property managers aren’t involved with tedious administrative tasks. Security is enhanced, as management and enforcement have complete control of current parking data.

“Everything security and management need to maintain order is right at their fingertips,” Wexler continued. “With the residents taking care of all of their parking needs, they assume all of the responsibilities, which allows management to handle more pressing property matters.”

For more details on how the Reliant Parking system works, call 1-888-977-6880.

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