Parking Permits Progress to Empower Residents

In our ever-evolving world of smart technology, condo and apartment living may be the next great frontier of digital change. 

And it may be just as simple as shifting our paradigm of how something as unassuming as a parking permit could be enhancing our lives. 

While some aspects of modern living have progressed to what we remember from watching The Jetsons – domestic robots, 3-D printed food and video-chatting – the humble parking permit hasn’t enjoyed much advancement. 

But, parking permits of the very near future could play a much more significant role in communal living, progressing to the status of being an all-inclusive ‘residential account’, providing convenience and efficiency for both residents and staff. 

A residential account would monitor a resident’s presence on the property, either controlled by an app or incorporated into their vehicle. Activated upon arrival on the premises, the residential permit could provide notifications and allow the resident to control their environment. 

Residents could be notified that a package was delivered, turn on their lights and music so their unit feels cozy when they arrive home, and even start brewing coffee so it’s ready when they walk in.

Besides comforts and conveniences, this state-of-the-art technology is more about trackability and accountability, shifting responsibility from management to residents to help handle tedious facility tasks.
For instance, a resident has a problem with their dishwasher and an appliance repairman needs to get in during the day. The resident can schedule the appointment using their residential permit, allow access, upload photos of what needs repair, then interact in real time with the repairman during the service call. This could also work with other services such as internet providers and deliveries.

Managing property this way is more effective and efficient. Since a valid residential permit would control many services, property managers would gain more leverage in enforcing policies. For example, the permit could be disabled if a resident hasn’t paid their rent or is delinquent in other payments or fees. 

It doesn’t matter how many residents or units are on the property either. A residential permit could work for a small complex up to mega-towers. No matter what the size, management could be freed up to handle more pressing matters.

Besides notifications upon arrival and disabling delinquent or expired accounts, what other ways do you think replacing the traditional parking permit with a digital residential permit could benefit both the resident and management? Please share your thoughts with us

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