Student Housing Adds Technology to Enhance Parking Management

When San Diego universities started the fall semester last week, more than 3,000 students in several of the area’s largest Class A housing developments were pleasantly surprised with how smoothly the move-in process went. A vast contrast to the chaos of years prior.

And they can all thank Kevin Wexler, Reliant Parking CEO. Wexler recently developed software that propels the archaic system of tracking residents into the digital age, empowering students to self-manage their parking registration and administration.

It’s not only beneficial to the students, but it increases organization for managers when thousands of students all move in at one time. Building managers are now free to handle more pressing matters rather than issue parking permits and track vehicle information.

Ease of rollout is one of the software’s key benefits. The entire process is user-friendly for all involved since students’ lives revolve around their smartphones and other digital devices. Security is enhanced, as management and enforcement have better control of parking data – it’s right at their fingertips, as well, using the Reliant Parking app for iOS or Android.

The system will help keep residents out of guest parking and set monthly limits of how many times a resident can have guests park on the property. It will also deter students looking for loopholes to get around paying for a parking space by parking in guest parking.

“It’s a great experience for students and managers,” said Wexler. “The software brings value to student parking, taking a cumbersome process and simplifying it for everyone involved.”

Besides the properties in San Diego that have signed up with Reliant Parking, Wexler said that he’s ready to scale his software nationally and is in talks with several management companies around the country.

For more details on how the Reliant Parking system works, call 1-888-977-6880.

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  • Residents register
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    permits online
  • Vehicle and permit
    data update
  • Managers view accurate
    vehicle and permit reports
    online 24/7

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