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“How to” PDF Tutorials

Download PDFs below and share with your residents:

—How to RENEW a Permit:

—How to Order Permits, NO Approval Required:

—How to Order Permits, Generic Approval:

—How to Order Permits, Approval with Copy of Registration Required:

—How to Order Permits, Approval with Copy of Registration AND Insurance Required:

“Contact Us” for Residents

Share Reliant Parking’s contact info with your residents to remove the burden from management:

24/7 Resident Support:

Resident Email Templates

Use our templated emails to save time and encourage sign-ups during the roll-out and renewal processes:

Need email template content in PDFs that can be copied.



PDF Tutorials

Click to download PDFs:


The Basics: Getting Started

  1. Designate a point person on your team to become your “Reliant Parking Expert.”
  2. Watch short software tutorials and/or download PDF tutorials for the most common tasks.
  3. Learn what an “Access Code” is and how to quickly create them for residents.
  4. Learn how to easily manage “Permit Limits” in the video below.

What is an Access Code?

An Access code is only used to enable a resident to create a new Reliant Parking account with a username and password. Once the resident sets up the new account, the access code is no longer valid.
PLEASE NOTE: There is no relation between an access code and permit limits.

What is a Promo Code?

A promo code is usually given to existing residents when Reliant Parking rolls out. A promo code discounts the entire order regardless of how many permits are in the cart.